Tellico West Industrial Properties

The Tellico Reservoir Development Agency (TRDA) is a one-stop entity for permitting and land use designation, this unique setting creates quality developments of the Tellico Industrial Campuses.  Tellico makes available a combination of low business costs in a picturesque rural setting that is only 35 minutes from the metropolitan airport.  Persons employed at our industrial properties and living in the Tellico residential areas can be at home, on the golf course, or on their boats within 10 minutes.  Tellico West Industrial Properties is located strategically to serve 75% of the United States population within one day's driving time.  This is a right-to-work state and our workplace is composed of people from rural areas with a strong work ethic and a non-union background.  The natural beauty of the countryside provides a prestigious location for manufacturing and distribution facilities.  The Industrial Properties are a planned industrial campus with amenities provided to assist companies and their employees in being successful and profitable.  

Located within the industrial complex is a fire and ambulance facility, Alcoa Tenn Credit Union, Blount Memorial Medical Facility, Cleveland State Community College Monroe Campus, and Sweetwater Hospital.  Our sites are located within a regional industrial area, providing employment for residents within a five-county area.  Our workforce area can meet the need for semi-skilled, skilled, and professional employees.  Tellico West is served by rail and all utilities including state-of-the-art communications, water, sewer, gas, and redundant power electrical service.  TRDA operates an onsite Wastewater Treatment plant.   

Tellico West and Tellico Regional Supplier Park are located 26 miles from McGhee Tyson Airport via US Hwy 411 and located in Vonore, Tennessee, which is east of Nashville and south of Knoxville.  The sites are located 13 miles via US Hwy 72 to Interstate 75 and Interstate 40 is 24 miles from I-75.  US Hwy 72 is a planned four-lane road with the Right of Ways already acquired.