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The Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley area is one of the nation’s premier science and technology centers, thanks to world-class research institutions supported by an advanced telecommunications infrastructure. The region is home to:

University of Tennessee

  • 27,000 students at the flagship Knoxville campus
  • $1-million Harlan D. Mills/Ericsson Chair of Excellence in Software Engineering
  • Highly regarded programs in Nuclear Engineering and Business Administration
  • One of the nation’s leading agricultural science and veterinary colleges
  • Partner with Battelle Memorial Institute to manage Oak Ridge National Laboratory in lab management and research
  • One of six U.S. institutions to lead the Internet II Initiative

World Class Technology Resources

Oak Ridge Science & Technology

  • Tennessee Solar Institute
  • Advanced Computing Initiatives
  • Advanced Wireless Technology Initiative
  • 16 R&D User Facilities
  • Unique Congressionally designated National
  • Prototype Center
  • Spallation Neutron Source
  • National Transportation Research Center
  • Advanced RF and Plasma R&D Facilities
  • SEMATECH Sanctioned Test Facilities providing
  • technical and manufacturing assistance
  • Semiconductor Industry Support Service Expertise
  • Unique Environmental Management Expertise

Oak Ridge National Laboratory User Facilities

  • Bioprocessing Research Facility
  • Buildings Technology Center
  • Californium User Facility
  • Center for Nanophase Materials
  • Computational Center for Industrial Innovation
  • Cooling, Heating and Power Integration Laboratory
  • Fuels, Engines and Emissions Research Center
  • High Flux Isotope Reactor
  • High Temperature Materials Laboratory
  • Holifeld Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
  • Metals-Processing Users Facility
  • Mouse Genetics Research Facility
  • National Transportation Research Center
  • Oak Ridge National Environmental Research Park
  • Oak Ridge Electron Linear Accelerator
  • Physical Properties Research Facility
  • Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Research Facility
  • Shared Research Equipment Collaborative Research Center
  • Spallation Neutron Source
  • Surface Modifcation and Characterization Collaborative Research Center