Pacific Coast Marine Windshields Opens New Facility in Tellico West

In 2020 TRDA partnered with Sons Construction to build and market a 46,000 square foot building. Pacific Coast Marine Windshields (PCMW) from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, purchased this building in early 2021.

PCMW is North America's premier manufacturer of windshield systems for the marine industry. They manufacture directly to boat builders throughout North America.

Pacific Coast Marine Windshields is recognized as one of the world’s premier marine windshield designers and manufacturers in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market. They produce all their products in North America using state of the art equipment and technology.

Since inception, PCMW has been pushing the limits of marine windshield manufacturing. They employee technical experts in glass and metal fabrication who have consistently demonstrated over time that they are leaders in innovation and design. They utilize different glass furnaces that allow for fabrication of both flat and compound curved glass shapes, colored ceramic frit design, illuminated glass and seamless bonded glass applications.

Their in-house metal fabrication process includes: roll- forming stainless-steel profiles, robotically controlled stainless steel polishing and stretch forming of aluminum and stainless-steel extrusions. PCMW also offers a variety of different finishes including custom wet coat application, powder coating, hydro dipping and anodizing.

Their designers have access to innovative technologies which allows their team to take a windshield from idea to reality in a short period of time. They develop products through envisioning, modelling and prototyping. Their tiered design process improves the product while it is being developed, ensuring the product performs and fits properly before ever producing a production part.

PCMW is committed to providing all customers with replacements for windows they have built regardless of the year. Their Aftermarket department works closely with boat owners to provide a quality replacement product that will allow many more years of boating experiences.